VM can provide you with the best in eMail marketing services that generate maximum results. By following industry best practices, you are sure to get maximum delivery to your target customers inbox.

Email Marketing Tools

With the best in email marketing tools to monitor advanced statistical ratios, response indicators as well as other key indicators, your campaign will be a success. Round-the-clock monitoring is carried out to make sure your e-mail reaches your customer's inbox.

Custom Email Designs

Our designers can provide custom html email designs that are multi browser and email compatible designs that result in high click through rates to landing pages that also result in high conversions.

In addition, VM can provide the best in permission-based e-mail marketing lists with our enterprise solutions at affordable rates. VM provides all the tools and features found in an enterprise-level email marketing service, but at an affordable price for a small and medium size businesses. We can leverage your mailing list to boost your e-mail marketing into overdrive in combination with a list of names from our database based on your target demographic as well! Campaign Reports

Our Deliverability Reporting Helps to Maximize our Email Marketing Efforts on Your Behalf. Other advanced reporting and analytics allow us to maximize your eMarketing possibilities overall.

Detailed deliverability reporting allows us to drill into the details of sends, delivers, and undeliverables. Bounce reporting factors are broken down by contact, content and connection. Other reporting features include friend forwards, updates, survey responses, and bounce inactivation.

We utilize the personalization and segmentation features to get an insight into your customer's needs and optimize your eMarketing campaigns for better results with:

  • Double Targeted opt-in recipients to assure quality recipients.
  • Relative Landing Pages with A/B testing
  • Conversion Tracking that integratates easily with your custom landing pages and google analytics to track results and ROI.
  • Reporting and Analytics provided to our customers give a clear, simple understanding of the overall campaign performance.

A Cost Efficient Way To Reach Your Target

VM's Email Marketing Solutions maintain and foster your relationship with both existing customers and those newly acquired through targeted list acquisition .

Unique Custom Solutions For Your Email Contacts

VM's eMarketing professionals utilize personalization and segmentation to gain insight about your customers' expectancies and needs. Our Customizable Email Marketing Services offer a variety of beneficial options.

  • Auto Responders, as the name implies, automatically respond to incoming emails. Auto Responders immediately inform your customers of relevant and timely news, promotions and deals. VM allows you to schedule auto response emails to follow-up with current and potential clients.
  • RSS Feeds alert subscribers of newly uploaded information. VM provides around the clock monitoring and regular email distribution services to keep your contacts in the know. Maintenance and Support Plans are available to those who require our ongoing Email Marketing Services.
  • Custom Templates and Email Designs create a professional look that your email recipients will appreciate. You may provide a template of your own or allow our Web Design team to customize a user-friendly, appropriate email design based on your preferences or specifications. Our designers create templates that appeal to your specific customer demographic.
  • Multi-Browser and Multi-Email Compatibility increases the likelihood of higher click through rates (CTR) to landing pages on your website. This also may result in higher conversion rates, attracting more potential customers to your website, blog and social media.
  • Conversion Tracking denotes valuable customers by tracking how they interact with your website. VM tracking tools integrate easily with your custom landing pages and Google Analytics to track SEO results and Return on Investment (ROI). You can see what online tools are bringing in the most business and use this to better appeal to your target market.
  • Unlimited Email Contacts means your customer base knows no bounds. VM will manage, organize and combine your contacts with our reliable database resources. We will take care of your faithful existing clients and help you acquire new clients through our own Online Marketing Services (link to Online Marketing Services?)
  • Double Opt-in Targeted Email Marketing is the most effective method for customer return. We provide a list of clients who have verified their interest in receiving information from your business via email. Because Double Opt-in denotes a permission-based system, recipients are looking forward to hearing from you. Your emails will never be discarded as spam in these instances.
  • Friend Forwards give your customers the option to forward your emails to another potential client. BreezeGo "Forward A Friend" option helps spread the word about your service, promotions and products. Because email recipients are more likely to trust a friend, Friend Forwards automatically generate a positive rapport between you and the suggested client. Remember, Word of Mouth is the most credible marketing campaign in the eyes of a consumer.
  • Bounce Inactivation allows VM programmers to verify the cause of common delivery failures and prevent them before a faulty email or Non-Delivery Receipt (NDR) notification is sent to an important client.

One Rate for Regularly Performed Email Services is hard to beat. VM provides continuous monitoring, email list updates, scheduled distribution and general eMarketing maintenance at one efficient price. Besides saving you money, our Support Plans protect your business interests while saving you time and effort. Keeping track of a long list of contacts can be overwhelming. Our full Email Marketing Service keeps track of every email recipient, each of whom poses great value to your business.