Increase your visibility on the net and gain stronger recognition in your local market by having optimized local search engine listings that make it easier for local customers to find out about your business. Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing are placing strong emphasis on providing map results for local searches. VM can set up, optimize, and maintain your business in these local directories such as Google Maps, Google Places, Yahoo Local and Bing Local to assure your websites maintains this strong visibility. You will automatically become more accessible to local customers.

We will also create a branded Google Plus page for your business to coincide with your Google map listing. With custom designed cover and profile photos, your page will reflect your brand and message, and become a great place for customers to leave reviews, get hours of operation, or find contact info for your business. The page also includes links to your other social media sites and your website, to encourage visitors to engage with you on a higher level.

Build Up Your Local Business

Just as it is important to increase your organic Search Engine Rankings, it is now becoming increasingly important to boost your Map Search rankings. VM has experience in both keyword search optimization and map search optimization. Combining our SEO services with the advantages of Local SEO & Maps creates a winning strategy. With VM help, you can achieve higher rankings for both Map searches and organic searches and appear twice on the same results page. The more your business is shown on the first page of the search results, the more likely those searchers will see your information or click to your website.

Search Results Now Include Maps

Major Search Engines, including Google, Bing and Yahoo, use IP targeting to locate an Internet user and bring up local search results based on their location. VM puts your business on the map for Internet searchers in your area.

Today, people access maps and find directions easily with online map websites like MapQuest and other mobile search devices. These sources are becoming increasingly popular for the local public to find businesses, much like a local directory and is now more often utilized than the phone book.

Maps and directions can be ranked higher on some search engine results. Creating an online map for your business does more than help customers find your establishment. It increases your chances of being seen in a Search Engine!

VM will establish a presence in your local area by placing you in these local online directories. VM professional copywriters will create an optimized business profile using local keywords to attract your targeted customers.

Positive customer reviews boosts your credibility and potential customers are likely to respond to a business that has favorable feedback.

Once your profile is placed in the local directory, we will contact some of your previous customers and request online reviews for your profile. Just give us their names!

Research and Know Your Local Competition

VM conducts research to find the best targeted keywords that pertain to your business. Local SEO is not the same as SEO in general. Local SEO research develops an entirely different list of keywords based on local online searches. The Local Keyword list is determined by algorithms to find the most commonly searched terms in your area. To ensure these keywords are effective at increasing your search engine rankings, VM also considers your online competition. Local Competition Analysis is conducted to determine which competitors are targeting the same Local Keywords. Local SEO allows potential local customers find your before your competition!